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Katharine Asher Fashion and Beauty

Katharine Asher Fashion and Beauty - International Fashion & Beauty llustrator. UK

Using a dynamic combination of colour and the ‘inspired mark’, Katharine Asher’s fluid brushwork and creative flare help secure commissions from clients around the globe, in a wide range of sectors. While she specialises in fashion and beauty, Katherine enjoys tackling a wide variety of briefs, applying her expertise, energy and elegance of line.
As well as her illustration work, Kathy creates conceptual art, exploring process works and installations. Pigment, viscosity and movement are key factors in her art, and occasionally glimmers of her personal work transfer into her illustrations. She has studied graphics, illustration and fine art.


Kathy has a spontaneous and playful approach to a brief, choosing the medium that best suits the job in hand. “One of the joys of working in this way is focusing in the moment, using a triptych of experience, knowledge and happenstance,” she says.


Kathy’s work is often light and minimal, relying on strong lines, deftly applied and mark-making techniques. She uses watercolour and ink, using colour to highlight and accentuate her figurative work rather than to dazzle.

Client list

Some of Katharine’s clients include Swarvoski, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, Harrods, Calvin Klein, GQ, Ministry of Sound, Royal Mail, Marks & Spencer, Max Factor and Cartier.
Meeting you was just wonderful Kathy, and I loved learning more about you and how you get to such beautiful work. We all massively appreciated your input and dedication to the show, you are a true professional, a low maintenance partner and a complete delight to work with - I can't thank you enough
Janet Reis, Rockport Group USA
A toast to you! A pleasure to work with – creatively and professionally.
Janet Ries, Rockport
Wow lovely! So beautiful!!!! I am so impressed how beautiful your works are - they look stunning !!!!! Thank you very very much for this!!
Misaki Yamashita, Vogue Japan
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