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Laura Greenan

Laura Greenan - United Kingdom based illustrator

“I don’t do subtle,” says the London-based illustrator Laura Greenan. And it’s true – her work is nothing less than psychedelia for the digital age. It grabs the viewer’s attention and helps get her client’s message across in an exciting and imaginative way.
Laura’s background is in graphic design, which is evident in her strong use of geometric shapes, typography and a touch of patterning. But she became an illustrator to break new boundaries and that’s what she does with each commission. Inspired by computer games, Pixar movies and the artists James Jean and Peter Max, Laura has an HND in Graphic Design & Illustration from the Kent Institute of Art & Design, which is now part of UCA.


Taking an intuitive approach to each piece, Laura first researches the subject, then plots out her composition using thumbnails. She loves to explore unique compositions, finding new ways to express ideas with bold shapes and colours. Once she’s planned the artwork, she completes it in Adobe Illustrator using a graphics tablet.


‘Gooey Pop Art’ is how Laura’s style is sometimes described, with hints of Art Deco, Art Nouveau and 60s psychedelia. Full of graphic forms, her work has a spontaneous feel to it. She likes artwork to be fun to look at and fun to create, and it shows.

Client list

Clients include Vogue Japan, Bulletin Magazine, Francis Wren Candles and the Wall Street Journal.
Laura was an absolute pleasure to work with. She got her work in well ahead of deadline, with a bounty of gorgeous and well-thought-out options perfectly conveying the concepts we had suggested as well as providing numerous inventive directions of her own. The day I presented the cover for review, my chat window was blowing up with exclamation points from people telling me how incredible it looked!!!
John Calmeyer: Lead Designer, Rockridge Press
I cannot recommend Laura enough, she really listened to my brief and even sent over a few designs ideas for me to choose from. Must say all were fantastic and it made a very difficult decision for me to pick just one. I am so pleased I came across Laura’s portfolio, as the artwork she created for my business packaging is simply stunning. I couldn’t be happier.
Sam Alderton, Francis Wren Candles
Laura is very fast and precise with her work. She also gave us several rough drafts from which we could choose. I would love to work with her again.
Mihoko Lida - Executive Features Editor, VOGUE Japan
Working with Laura was a real pleasure. Her work is full of energy and everyone loved her fun style. She’s very easy to communicate with and was able to accommodate our requests with a fast turnaround. I hope we can work together again in future projects!
Yoana Yelin, Scholastic Inc.
Laura was amazing to work with. Her style is so unique and makes an impression. Her aesthetic oozes creativity and lent very well to the Avocado Obsession project. Laura was able to capture the spirit of our creative cookbook immediately and provided multiple rounds of revisions with ease, despite a few editorial changes along the way. I'd highly recommend any art director or editor to work with her because she works quickly and is enthusiastic about her craft.
Erik Jacobsen: Lead Designer, Rockridge Press
I recently worked with Laura for the first time and the process was a complete delight from start to finish. She was very professional giving us several clearly-drawn roughs from our brief, on time and culminating in an amazing final illustration. I love her colourful and fun style, and the end result was a cover that had plenty of wow factor. I look forward to the opportunity of working with her again.
Yvey Bailey - Art Editor, Bulletin Magazine
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