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Liz Pepperell

Liz Pepperell - International botanical illustrator. UK

Derbyshire, UK
Looking at Liz Pepperell’s portfolio is like stepping into a garden, with all of nature’s forms, colours and textures expertly rendered in the hand of an experienced botanical artist. From individual flowers and fruits through to entire cottage garden scenes in full bloom, Liz’s traditional style is perfect for capturing the serenity plants bring to our world.
Alongside her passion for plants and flowers, Liz enjoys renovating old houses and seeing what’s under the floorboards. One of her favourite artists is Stanley Spencer, and she has a print of his painting Rock Roses on the wall. Liz has a BA in Illustration from Maidstone College of Art.


First Liz sketches loose ideas in pencil and ink on tracing paper, scrubbing out and redrawing as she goes. She develops the image, working from life whenever possible. Over the years she’s found that she needs fewer colours in her palette but does a lot of mixing of paints to get the shades she requires.


Using watercolours, pencil and ink, Liz works in a style that is traditional in the world of botanical and natural history illustration. Her images have a look that is personal to her – as individual as handwriting, she says.

Client list

Liz’s clients include English Heritage, Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Gardeners' World, Woman and Home, Sophyto, Bild and Quarto.
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