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Martha von Maydell

Martha von Maydell - International paper artist. Germany

The Berlin-based illustrator Martha von Maydell engineers papercraft images that are so tactile people want to reach out and touch them. Feathers, snowflakes, leaves and more feature in many of her best pieces, but she’s versatile enough to create everything from human beings to rocket ships. Each component is meticulously cut from paper, and every illustration assembles colour, form and texture in unique and inspiring ways.
Plants and animals are key sources of inspiration for Martha. After studying graphic design she worked in a studio, and before becoming an illustrator was production assistant on the CGI TV series Super 4, inspired by Playmobil toys.


Everything Martha creates is cut from coloured paper and glued down. She loves not just forming the images from the shapes, but building them up so that the outlines and shadows are clear, giving the artwork plenty of texture and therefore much more physical presence. Sometimes she uses a little chalk powder to create colour transitions, bringing another dimension to the papercraft approach.


Martha’s style is decorative, striking, colourful and full of detail. She keeps it unique by adding new techniques, and constantly looks for fresh ideas to adopt in her work.

Client list

Martha has worked for a range of corporate and publishing clients including Stihl, Playmobil, Volkswagen Financial Services, Inside Housing, Eltern, Harmony, Gala, Nisan Magazine and many more.
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