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Rodrigo Araya

Rodrigo Araya - Germany based illustrator

Hamburg-based illustrator Rodrigo Araya specialises in storyboarding, characters and animation design and clients benefit not only from his unparalleled talent but also from his vast experience. Thanks to Rodrigo’s drawing skills, clients and agencies can visualise, develop and hone their commercial projects for maximum effect.
Superhero comics and cartoons were important early influences for Rodrigo, and they’re still reflected strongly in his work. Vibrant characters, dynamic poses and lively colours make his images stand out and help each client to communicate their message. Trained at the Animation School Hamburg, Rodrigo has the perfect background for the kind of specialised work he creates. Clients love the range of options he gives them, and the clarity of his visual storytelling. Today, movies and comic artists are what inspire him most. He often draws with movie soundtracks playing in the background, and admires fellow artists like Adam Hughes, Stuart Immonen and Olivier Coipel.


For Rodrigo, it’s all about the drawing, so sketching is his favourite part of the process. He often proposes various routes early on and works from there, improving each image, adding colour and bringing life to the narrative. He works digitally in Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint.


Exciting, expressive, colourful, fun – Rodrigo’s artwork sets out to tell a story that hits the mark for his clients in a powerful style reminiscent of blockbuster comic books.


Rodrigo is fluent in German and Spanish, with workable English.

Client list

Rodrigo’s clients include Ferrero, Dobendan, Pro7, Ültje, Radeberger, Scholl, Cilit Bang, Hylo, Klosterfrau, ADAC and Lifta.
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