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Saskia Bueno

Saskia Bueno - Colombia based illustrator

A specialist with illustrated lettering, Saskia Bueno creates colourful hand-drawn messages with a fresh and exciting feel that really connect with people. From advertising to book covers, and from social media art to greetings cards, Saskia brings her clients’ communications to life in new and unique ways.
Saskia’s home city of Barranquilla, Colombia, is full of culture and colour. These surroundings give her inspiration, alongside nature’s beauty and influential lettering artists like Martina Flor, Risa Rodil, Mary Kate McDevitt and Stefan Kunz. Saskia has a degree in Graphic Design from Universidad Autónoma del Caribe in Colombia, and she grew up creating artwork guided by her grandfather, who was a painter.


When Saskia starts a commission, she focuses on making a connection with her audience. She’ll work with popular phrases that people recognise, develop a striking colour palette, select a typeface that suits the project and then hone the composition to make the right kind of impact.


Saskia combines custom crafted lettering with illustrative elements and subtle textures to create something individual for her clients. A whole range of different typographic styles will come into play – serif and sans serif, display flourishes and 3D text – often with floral highlights that add colour and bring a softer more feminine look.


Fluent in English, German

Client list

Saskia’s client list includes Disney Hyperion, Simon & Schuster, Women's Health Uk, Revista Dinero, Legami Milano, Fine Acts and Nine by Nine.
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