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Thies Schwarz

Thies Schwarz - Germany based illustrator

German illustrator Thies Schwarz is the artist to turn to for cheeky, humorous and entertaining characters that quickly establish a connection with the audience. From rhinos to Russian dolls, with his light-hearted approach and slightly retro style, Thies can turn just about any creature into an engaging hero. Fast, versatile and reliable, he has built up an enviable client list that includes some of the world’s biggest brands.
Thies’s speed comes to the fore when he works for his newspaper clients, turning around a witty cartoon in a matter of hours. But he also enjoys working on more involved commissions like children’s books, or campaigns where he collaborates with a wider team of experts. Based in Hanover, Thies is inspired by 1960s pop culture, the Jetsons, the Pink Panther and directors including Wes Anderson and Tim Burton.


Each image is prepared through a series of pencil sketches and completed using a mixture of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


Simple and clear, with strong forms and key lines that capture all the expression of his characters, Thies works in a style that’s ideal for games, apps, books and ad campaigns. He can create entire worlds or tell a story in one perfectly executed illustration.


2017 – Google Play Best of 2017 for Little Fire Station app

Client list

Thies has worked for top clients including Mercedes-Benz, Simon & Schuster, Renault, Fox & Sheep, McDonald’s, Citroen and NDR.
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