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Toma Nguyen

Toma Nguyen - illustrator

Using linework as fine as silk and an imagination as vivid as her colour palette, Vietnamese artist Toma Nguyen delicately draws surreal decorative imagery that is simply beyond compare. Inspired by nature, mysticism and the rich cultures of the Far East, she’s winning clients around the world with her weird, whimsical and beautiful illustrations.
Trained in graphic design at the Ho Chi Minh University of Fine Art, Toma launched her illustration career working for newspapers and bookshops, expanding her range to include clients in book publishing and packaging, both in Vietnam and internationally. Creative directors she works with are captivated by her dedication to drawing, and her diligent approach to each brief. She enjoys listening to music by Lady Gaga and Lana del Rey, while exploring ways of combining people, animals and plants in her astounding fantasy compositions.


First, Toma analyses the brief and brainstorms fresh ways of expressing the ideas, focusing on the spirit of the project. She sketches on paper and digitally, then paints in Photoshop, customising the strokes and looking for original colour combinations to give each work its own feeling.


Toma’s style is characterised by fine lines, intriguing female subjects, elements from nature and dynamic colour sets. Traditional beauty with a contemporary edge.


Vietnamese and written English

Client list

Clients include Scholastic, New York Times, Adobe Max and numerous Vietnamese brands.
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