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Veronica Collignon Live Event Drawing

Veronica Collignon Live Event Drawing - illustrator

When fashion and beauty brands want to engage with their customers in a more personal and meaningful way, they turn to New York-based illustrator Veronica Collignon. Whether it’s the unveiling of a new collection, a special promotion, PR briefing or VIP party, Veronica’s creativity brings a touch of luxury and a valuable talking point to the event thanks to her live drawing skills.
In addition to painting murals and large-scale canvases, Veronica draws custom fashion portraits, silhouettes, products or packaging to make guests feel like they’ve been part of the event by giving them something memorable and unique. This not only results in a deeper connection to the brand or retail outlet staging the event but also brings about extra publicity as people share their experiences on social media.


Prior to an event, Veronica works closely with her client to prepare and ensure everything goes to plan. Depending on the type of imagery needed, she’ll use watercolour, ink or marker, always putting the focus on creating a comfortable and exciting experience for the guests.


Working in a more immediate and intuitive version of her fashion illustration style, Veronica uses elegant strokes and expressive line work to quickly create accurate and stylish imagery connecting the customer with the brand.

Client list

Some of Veronica’s live event drawing clients include Diptyque, Monica Vinader, Camilla, Mary Kay, IWC Schaffhausen, Wines of Provence and Papyrus.
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