Frequently asked questions

a guide to commissioning

What does it cost?

The cost of commissioning illustration can be based on an artist's day rate, which can range from a few hundreds to thousands, and on the complexity of the brief. The overall cost is also influenced by the audience size, duration of use, licensing, and territory. We will give you a clear quote before work begins.

How long does it take?

Simple illustrations can be completed in just a few hours if the illustrator is immediately available, however other projects can take weeks or even months depending on the number of illustrations, their complexity, and the illustrator's schedule. We will provide a clear project schedule with the quote.

What information do I need to provide?

So that we can provide you with an accurate quote and project timetable, the following information is required:

  • Composition: What elements are involved (people, animals, landscapes, etc.)?
  • Art specifications: Can you provide visuals/a detailed brief?
  • Size: What are the intended dimensions of the illustrations?
  • Quantity: How many illustrations do you need?
  • Style: Do you have references or preferences?
  • Layouts: Are text layouts available to show the space for illustrations?
  • Final size: What is the trim size of the finished layout?
  • Timeline: What is your project schedule?
  • Usage: How and where will the illustration be used?
  • Budget: What is your expected budget range?

Working with a publisher?

Publishers may well want to have an input on illustrator selection. If you want to work with a publisher, consider commissioning a cover illustration and sample spread to discuss with them.

Any other questions?

Each commission is unique. We hope this FAQ addresses your main questions. For more information, please email or call us on 020 7720 5202.

Written a book? Got a personal commission?

Congratulations, however before asking for a quote, please read our FAQs carefully. The costs may be higher than you envisage.


Choose an


Browse our illustrators by style or name or call us on 020 7720 5202 for help to find the perfect illustrator for your job. Use MyArea to store illustrations as you browse.


Contact an


Contact one of our agents by calling us on 020 7720 5202 or by email who can advise you about timings and provide a quote. You can also use the Quote Request if you prefer.


Email your


Send us your brief by email and we will discuss it with your chosen illustrator and manage the process on your behalf and keep you posted.


Review the


You will receive some roughs from the illustrator to confirm that the artists is working to brief. It is your opportunity to provide further direction prior to the final artwork being prepared.


Receive the


Once the artwork is completed the illustrator will email you a .JPG for approval (only small changes are possible at this stage). Once approved you will receive a high resolution file of the illustration.

We are happy to help!