Gail Armstrong illustrates Thriving Magazine's Tales of Christmas Past advent poster.

Gail's brief was to create a nativity scene using pages of a Bible, she explains "I was very reluctant to show any cuts in the pages of a Bible - I really didn’t want to give the impression of having defaced it. Instead I wanted to give the impression that the scene had risen from the Bible as an embodiment of the text. I reset the Bible passages of the Christmas story and inserted it into an antique book I had that had the feel of an old family Bible. The characters and features of the story then rise out of the book, made from parts of the text most relevant to them as the text fades and they transform into full colour. I felt details like the positioning of text were important as the poster is likely to be looked at daily for almost a month so I wanted there to be some kind of deeper engagement for the viewer beyond being a pleasing image."  The poster can be downloaded from the magazine's website with links to various activities and stories. 

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