A Left-Handed England Squad

Ben Tallon takes time to loosen up his drawing with some lively left-handed portraits of the possible Euro 2016 squad.

It's awkward and unatural to use our weaker hand, but as Ben explains it can also be liberating and unbinding, he says of the project "Sometimes we feel like we've become too process driven. My drawing takes a similar route much of the time and I wanted to return towards a more instinctive process of working. After seeing my Goddaughter and other children of friends creating free and organic marks, I created the idea of calling myself out in public by creating one portrait per day of the footballers in contention for the final Euro 2016 England squad. The difference would be that I'd use my weak left hand to do this, knowing the results would be obscene, insulting to the subject, embarrassing to me, but above all else would force me to embrace a less controlled way of image-making."

ben tallon
cartoon or humor
black and white
sports artist