Good Buzz

Greg Straight works with New Zealand drinks label Good Buzz on the rebrand of their brew.

Good Buzz is a family run New Zealand made Kombucha brand, brewed and bottled in NZ with local and imported ingredients. Greg pitched against four creatives for the commission and was thrilled to be chosen as the artist behind the labels - he's now completed many label designs as well as 3 boxes for transporting the product. He says, "The seven labels make up a continuous scene on the sides and each one has someone enjoying a natural good buzz like surfing, cycling, snowboarding as well as a mixture of New Zealand plants and wildlife to make it uniquely Kiwi. I wanted them to be bright and eye-catching so they really pop off the shelves. The new bottles are currently hitting the stores and supermarkets nationwide and will soon be available in over 2000 retailers and soon to be exported to the global market. I'm really happy with how everything has turned out and is being received."

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greg straight