Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Creating Environments

Ben Tallon hosts a live interview with illustrator, art-director and animator, Anna Hollinrake at the D&AD New Blood Festival.

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Written by Ben Tallon

The video game industry continues to grow and wow with its sheer breadth of worlds and stories to welcome any imagination. Anna Hollinrake, illustrator, art-director and animator for games joins me in front of a live audience at D&AD New Blood Festival to let us in on how her childhood anime drawing and curious nature lead her to an impressive start.

We discuss why character and passion is just as crucial as the CV and technical skills, how she has danced between many roles, collaborating and asking for opportunities and why your personality is particularly key.

Anna also details her work on Lola and the Giant, a VR game on Dream and what came together to make it the success it has been.

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