Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Self-Promotion

Dionne Kitching meets with podcast host Ben Tallon to chat through the issues of self-promotion.

dionne kitching to ben tallon on self promotion

Written by Ben Tallon

Self-promotion. It's a monster, unavoidable, integral part of success, or simply survival for any creative freelancer. It's the old artist adage that you can be the greatest creative talent on the planet, but if nobody knows you exist, it counts for nothing. But how do we start to break down the issue and find the best way for us as individuals to scream from the rooftops without awkwardness, the heavy kind of rejection and wounds that can become fatal?  I'm joined by illustrator Dionne Kitching to break it all down and we're looking for your feedback @arrestallmimics on social, on email.  



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