We Have Changed our Name to IllustrationX

We've added an X to our name to stand for that unique and important extra edge that we bring to all our projects.

It's been over 18 months since a review of our social media programme prompted us to reconsider our brand as a whole. From defining the brand, to designing and building the new brand elements and website, this has been a massive project drawing on expertise from within and without the team. 

Alexander Ashworth of Manifest has masterminded the brand and design phases, with tireless support provided by our in-house team led by Victoria. A website has been designed that beautifully bridges IllustrationX and AnimationX as one and a more sophisticated user experience enables commissioners to easily find the perfect artists for their commissions. 

David Mold has not just built the website; he has pioneered great advances in our technology. Site content is propagated around the world on local servers to give users everywhere the same instant, enjoyable experience. 

With an unrivalled quality, variety and choice of artists, a brand-new expertly curated website and exceptional global coverage and service, we're excited about the future.

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