Map illustration of The Paine Art Centre in Oshkosh

Artist in Residence at The Paine

Annie Davidson becomes Artist in Residence at The Paine Art Centre in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

The Paine is a historic estate flourishing with art, gardens and inspiration with year-round events and activities for people of all ages.  Earlier this year, Annie travelled to Oshkosh to illustrate some maps and be the ‘artist in residence’ for a week, she adds, "I created a map of the gardens and also the interior of the mansion, and while I was there, I worked in a little studio in the mansion and had a sort of ‘open studio’ where people could see my folio and chat etc. The map is mostly watercolour, with additions of pen, pencil & digital....The Paine has various exhibitions and events throughout the year. e.g. 'Rooms of Blooms' in Spring where they fill the house with floral displays and currently the 'Nutcracker in the Castle' event is unfolding for Christmas."

artist in residence
open studio
annie davidson