U by Kotex

Fionna Fernandes creates fun and colourful artworks for digital articles and Instagram Stories promoting U by Kotex Teen Pads.

Fionna's pieces have been used across multiple digital platforms including online magazines and social media for U by Kotex's teen sanitary pads. Producing mother and daughter scenarios, Fionna's vivid pieces appear on both People.com and RealSimple.com as paid content for U by Kotex, with articles titled, '10 Ways to Prep Your Teenage Daughter for Those OMG Life Moments' and 'Back-to-School Essentials Every Teen Girl Needs', incorporating the promotion of the sanitary pads and equipping your daughter for teen life. Fionna's illustrations were also used for the Instagram Stories, 'Bag Spill: Getting Ready For Her First Day Of High School'  and 'Vanity Reveal: For When The Last Thing She Wants To Do Is Go Out' and featured on Real Simple’s (@real_simple) Instagram Stories as sponsored content for the product.

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