Katharine Asher recorded people at a Chelsea event

Polo in the Park

Katharine Asher's glamorous style was used to record the guests at an exclusive social event in Chelsea.

Last month, the highly anticipated 'Chesterton Polo in the Park' event captivated audiences as polo teams from around the world competed against the UK.

Amidst the excitement, Katharine's artistic talent took centre stage, using a blend of watercolour inks and brush pens to skillfully craft portraits of the esteemed guests. The artworks were then elegantly presented to each individual in Chesterton purple folders.

Katharine fondly recalls the three-day event, which showcased distinct differences in clientele: Friday catered exclusively to business guests, Saturday was a stylish affair known as 'Ladies Day,' and Sunday welcomed families. Katharine experienced both scorching summer heat and sudden flash storms, adding to the memorable moments of the occasion.

live drawing
live event drawing
katharine asher live event drawing
asher live event drawing

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