BoomArtwork designed the tennis event's poster

The Wimbledon Championships

BoomArtwork is the artist behind the renowned tennis event's poster and visuals.

On display around the court, on digital screens, tickets and as posters, Eric's art is a prominent visual at the 2023 event which is now in full swing.

Eric began the project by researching the event and studying old posters, whilst collaborating closely with the creative lead at Wimbledon. His goal was to capture the essence of Wimbledon tennis and celebrate its unique history and traditions. The theme, 'Always, like never before' inspired him to include iconic elements such as Rufus the hawk, strawberries, umbrellas, the grass and the purple and green colours. To create a festive vibe, he placed these elements within an ivy-covered border, referring to the ivy found outside the stadium. The centre of the poster focuses on the player and the tension leading up to the match.

Eric says of the commission, ​"The ​Wimbledon event is steeped in tradition and has a unique aesthetic that sets it apart from other sports events. As an illustrator, being ​asked to create​ ​the 2023 ​Wimbledon ​poster is both an honour and a challenge. It's an opportunity to contribute to the visual history of one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world”.

Wimbledon say, "Linked to the campaign, this year’s Official Poster was created by Dutch illustrator Eric van den Boom, who used several iconic Wimbledon elements to create an “English garden” inspired border, framing the court and player. The design links the familiar traditions loved by our guests to the dramatic moments about to play out on court."

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