Zé Gotinha

Brazil's Ministry of Health celebrate 50 years of their mascot Zé Gotinha with art by Tai.

Tai was one of the twenty Brazilian artists handpicked by The Ministry of Health to participate in an exhibition dedicated to honoring the iconic mascot Zé Gotinha, originally conceived by Darlan Rosa.

These artists hailed from various regions across Brazil, and Tai proudly represented the North. Their collective mission was to create art pieces for a public health campaign aimed at bolstering vaccination efforts in vulnerable regions exposed to diseases, striving to safeguard the health and well-being of all.

Tai adds "...It was very exciting to be able to represent Zé Gotinha. My aunt is a doctor and worked for many years on vaccination campaigns throughout the Amazon. During my creation process, I was able to share her memories of how health professionals face various adversities in order to bring public health to the most difficult places to reach. It's a job done with a lot of love and dedication and I pay tribute through my illustration to my Aunt Ana and to all the health professionals in Brazil, especially those in the North. Health is everyone's right and thanks to the determination of these professionals and the SUS, many people in cities and forests have access to vaccines and essential care. Let's fight for a SUS that is valued, that can serve everyone with quality and respect for its professionals. Let's fight for a living and healthy Amazon, no matter where you live."


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