Coffin Joe

Arrow Video ask Butcher Billy to make powerful comic art for a release of the Zé do Caixão's films.

Zé do Caixão, translated as Coffin Joe, is a revered cultural icon, an embodiment of anti-establishment defiance, and a chilling master of carnival horror!

This enigmatic figure, characterized by his elongated fingernails, top hat, and flowing cape, was brought to life by the visionary Brazilian filmmaker José Mojica Marins. Marins not only conceived the character but also wrote, directed, and portrayed him in a series of films spanning from 1964 to 2008. Now, in a remarkable feat of restoration, these cinematic gems have been revitalized from the finest available source materials. The result is 'Inside the Mind of Coffin Joe,' a tribute to one of horror's mavericks - a filmmaker who fearlessly crafted his works in defiance of oppressive military regimes and religious censorship, making him Brazil's Boogeyman!

BB says of the commisson, "Proud to have been invited by Arrow Video to design this massive collection with 12 reversible sleeves for brand new 4K restorations of all films + a collector's book, double-sided poster and 12 art cards."

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