Deixa Nevar

Harper Collins Brazil commission Camila Gray to illustrate a romantic novel book cover.

Published under Harper Collins' Christian label Thomas Nelson Brasil, 'Deixa Nevar' ('Let it Snow') is a novel by Brazilian author Camila Antunes, revolving around the characters Vânia and Marco Remi.

When Vânia first saw Marco Remi walk through the door of the jewellery store, she knew she could let her heart race like that forever. She even thought she might mix business with pleasure... just a little bit. Perhaps she could have, if Marco Remi had been any other client. But he wasn't. He was the man who had commissioned the most expensive piece she had ever designed—an engagement ring. Amidst a series of twists, turns, and discoveries, Vânia must confront her pain to find true happiness, all while facing the consequences of past choices. In "Deixa Nevar," a romantic comedy blending the chill of snow with the sweltering 40-degree heat of Búzios, readers will join Vânia in learning that winter cannot be ignored.

Camila unites the characters within a snow globe composition, positioning them as inevitable companions in a setting that juxtaposes the warmth of a sun-drenched beach with the chill of winter, in her soft style.

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camila gray

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