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Gail Armstrong
3 United Nations stamps for World Toilet Day 2021 by Gail Armstrong
Rohan Eason
Onstar Guardian app
Halloween social marketing for Onstar Guardian app
Kathryn Rathke
Manner Snack
Kathryn Rathke
Manner Snack
Liam O'Farrell
A Liverpool Trip
Liam O'Farrell invites us on a journey with him to Liverpool
Vicky Scott
Read the World
Animation of my poster design for Cheltenham Festivals Literature festival. Animated by Still Moving.
Vicky Scott
Cheltenham Jazz Festival
My collage illustrations for Cheltenham Jazz festival turned into an animated promo video
Vicky Scott
Cheltenham Music Festival
My illustrations animated for this promo video for the Cheltenham Music Festival
Luiza Laffitte
Luiza Laffitte
Luiza Laffitte
Luiza Laffitte process video
Katharine Asher Live Event Drawing
Katharine Asher live draws for Nyetimber at the Cowdray Cup
Vivi Campos
Vivi Campos technique video
Jyotirmayee Patra
Studio Hosego
The Prisoner: New Works by Daniel Hosego
Georgie Stewart
Until We Groove Again
Video explaining the process for my collaboration with Everpress that focused on dancing. This project was inspired by a wistful memory of public togetherness and the magic alchemy of music and people.
Spain Hotel Mural
Another drawing made within the ViajArte project. A wall at the hostel Alkatreback in Cordoba, Spain. This art had as its starting point the city of Córdoba itself. The city of 3 cultures (Arab, Jewish and Christian), famous for its flowery patios, for the flamenco rhythm of the Andalusian region, without forgetting its main tourist spot: the Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba.
Crossfit Wall
I was called to draw on a wall at Fernando de Noronha's first crossfit. The Vulkano CT in Box. Art is a mix of the island beauties with gymnastics icons. It took 18 hours of sweat to complete the art! As they themselves say, if you're in Noronha, VKN-SE!
Cutting Board Art
Art for those who enjoy cooking! Cutting board recycled and illustrated on both sides!
Vivi Campos
Vivi Campos shares a technique video
Vivi Campos
Vivi Campos technique video
Alex Webber
Anatomy body painting
Wu He Ping
Process Video by Wu He Ping
Marieke Nelissen
Technique video
Showing the way Marieke works with gouache on paper.
Tatsiana Burgaud
Speed drawing process of Bear and a Girl
Tatsiana Burgaud
Bunny Huse
Coloring process
Tatsiana Burgaud
Moon hug
A litle girl and a moon
Tatsiana Burgaud
Speed drawing process of Moscow in winter
Produceria Office
Timelapse of the drawing made on the wall of the meeting room of the Produceria office, in São Paulo.
Gail Armstrong
Gail Armstrong, Book of Mormon
Noah Regan
Self Portrait
The self portrait I create a few years prior.
House External Wall
Timelapse of an art made on an external wall of a house that overlooks the pool area. There were 4 days dedicated to this project.
Goto Restaurant
Timelapse of art made on a wall of the japanese restaurant Goto. It was almost 23 hours of work.
Gina Rosas
A little technique video from Gina Rosas
Mark Gmehling
The ADC 2019 Festival campaign is being submitted for an award. Thanks to Mutabor for editing this Case-movie and submitting to the big award shows around the world. Fingers crossed!
Live Remote Digital Scribing
Enya Todd
A peek at watercolour Enya Todd's studio
Vicky Scott
No Fishing
Vicky Scott shares her illustration process with us from initial pencil sketch, papercutting with a scalpel, assembly through to the final tweaks on Photoshop.
Sarah Beetson
Sarah Beetson on BBC Spotlight
Sarah's stunning masks get the spotlight shone on them by The BBC
Sholto Walker
Boris, Dominic & Me
Sholto Walker draws Boris Johnson and his little friend
Lauren Mortimer
A time lapse video by Lauren Mortimer
Lauren Mortimer
A time lapse video by Lauren Mortimer
Lauren Mortimer
Are you there God, it's me Margarita
Have a quick flick through this stunning cocktail book, illustrated by Lauren Mortimer
Daniel Sulzberg
Meet Daniel Sulzberg
Andrew Hutchinson
Andrew Hutchinson & Yorkshire Tea
Yorkshire Tea is now 100% carbon neutral, they asked their artist Andrew Hutchinson to reflect this on their boxes
Katharine Asher Live Event Drawing
Kathy Asher Live drawing
Alan Baker
How to ... mixed media
how I work using mixed media- step by step
Vanessa Dell
Meet Vanessa Dell
The Fantastic Sneakers: Nike Cortez
Javier Arrres illustrates on Nike Cortez sneakers
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