Eternal Beauty

Fancl release their fourth beauty collection with packaging illustrated by Sunny Gu.

This collection called 'Rose' is based on a species of the flower and represents love, passion, elegance and a warm heart. Sunny says "When the FANCL team introduced me to this new species of rose, I was blown away by the beauty of its colors. It has light green on the edge of petals, orange tone on the outer layers and a gradation of coral pinks near the center of the flower. It looks so tender, sophisticated and magical! I wanted to create a visual experience that’s so distinct to match with the special flower. I made the girl wear the most glamorous floral dress while carrying a giant rose with poise. Each rose looks a little different, full of individuality and elegance."  Fancl also hosted a campaign to determine the name for the flower - after months of name applications and votes, Fancl customers named the species "Eternal Beauty".

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beautiful women
sunny gu
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