The Baby Book

Katharine Asher creates black and white line illustrations for The Baby Book.

The Baby Book - How to Enjoy Year One by Rachel Waddilove is out next year and comes with thirteen full page illustrations by Katharine. Using her free line, Katharine has drawn some intimate baby moments for the book which guide a new parent through the first experiences.

Publisher Lion Hudson say of the book "Rachel Waddilove has worked for many years as a nanny and private maternity nurse; her clients include celebrities, politicians and royalty. In this book, she draws on her considerable professional and personal experience to advise young parents on everything they need to know about looking after a baby in its first year. Areas covered include: needs for the nursery, coming home from hospital, breast feeding vs bottle feeding, establishing a routine, sleep, crying and introducing solid food. In addition to the host of practical information given, Rachel also considers the emotional and social aspects of becoming parents. Rachel's down-to-earth style and wealth of experience makes this an essential guide for new parents, expectant parents and all who want the best for the children in their care."

The book is due out in March 2016.

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