Miss Led & Wacom Portrait Competition

Get a chance to win a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet by entering the Miss Led & Wacom competition.

Miss Led has teamed up with Wacom Europe to run a very exciting competition reaching out to a large audience of freelance artists, illustrators, students and other creatives in need of inspiration and support. Earlier this year Miss Led worked with Wacom as one of their Create More global artists - the Create More campaign promoted the launch of their new super sleek Intros Pro tablet. Each of the 6 artists taking part were asked to create their own ‘made by Wacom’ self-portraits whilst imparting an in-depth step-by-step tutorial of their process and techniques.  This competition, which was proposed to Wacom by Miss Led herself, was launched yesterday and will see Wacom gifting not only an Intuos Pro tablet but also the Intros Pro S.  Miss Led says "The competition will be a great incentive for creatives to get involved, the eBook tutorials are just incredibly produced - with animated step-by-step, sound bites and lots of tips and tricks - the process in taking part will be a truly inspiring and valuable exercise in self-development. On top of that the winners and runner’s up work will be shared on both Wacom (Miss Led Takeover) Instagram and Miss Led Instagram channels and Facebook which amass to a whopping 1million strong audience. 800K followers on Miss Led Facebook alone."                                                                                                                          To enter go here and sign up for a Miss Led tutorial. Using the step-by-step guides and implementing the free downloadable brushes you’ll easily be able to create your own portrait. This can be a self portrait or of someone else. Once you’ve created your portrait, publish  it on your Instagram account making sure you use the following hashtags – #madewithwacom #missledcomp (if you don’t use these, they won't be able to find your work). Artworks should be complete and published on Instagram before the December 21st, with the winners announced on December 23rd.

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