Atheist Propaganda

Danny Allison creates a timely poster which is being sold as a print in aid of the Syria Crisis Appeal.

Whatever your beliefs, Danny's piece tackling a current yet delicate subject is a powerful visual, one which makes us take another look and reflect. He writes "Religion is beautiful, peaceful, brings people together, gives people hope, a sense of belonging and so much more. There is the flip side to this as we all know..."A religion is an organised collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence". Whether you believe it or not, we all bow down to the same God. That god is MONEY. People have killed millions for that God, people steal, murder, cheat, the list can go on and on. All wars are fought because of this modern day "God". I feel so so bad for the Syrians, fleeing for their lives as I speak, so an elite few can make money off their suffering, more money than you can possibly imagine, I have never given money made from my artwork to charity. Now's the time, with artwork that's so relevant."                      

Danny is selling a limited number of these A3 prints with part of the proceeds going to the Syrian Red Cross Appeal. Get more information here.


mixed media
danny allison
limited edition print
war poster

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