Lyst Angels

Sunny Gu creates magical Christmas Tree Angels for fashion website Lyst.

Sunny's task was to illustrate five beautiful fairies in the style of a number of leading fashion brands - Givenchy, Matthew Williamson, Moschino, Proezna and Tibi. Sunny's work was perfect for the job as Hannah Finnigan-Walsh, Digital PR Manager at Lyst says-

"Lyst's illustration series is a hugely popular project that allows us to showcase our incredible partners and work with some of the most talented young artists from around the world. We are always wary of presenting our partners' brands in a way that honours their work and does justice to their collections. As such, we need to trust the artists we work with implicitly and after an extensive search, we found Sunny's portfolio and saw the detail and care in her work and knew she would be perfect. We saw a lot of her fashion and luxury-focused work and the elegance and beauty of them stood out immediately. The degree of detail and realistic portrayal required for these works was important and her work showed us she would be able to handle them with respect and care they commanded." 

The final artworks are live now and used as part of a PR campaign on the Lyst website. Sunny says of the commission-

"Lyst team and the designers did a brilliant job selecting the outfits for this project! All the chosen outfits have very unique characteristics that represent each designer, which made my job much easier. Lyst team and I worked closely to figure out the best way to illustrate each Angel, make sure all the elements (outfits, wings, accessories, halo, styling), all complemented each other, and give each character a different personality and impression at the same time. The most challenging part is the styling for the wings. We have to take color/pattern/design inspirations from the outfits, and incorporate these elements into the wings. The wings' silhouette needs to unify the whole image and make everything look harmonious."

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