Red Dog, Blue Dog

Alan Baker brings alive Louis de Bernieres' book with his imaginative illustrations

Following the huge success of the book and film, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin,’ by Louis de Bernieres, Alan was approached to illustrate the follow up to be called ‘Red Dog.’

Whilst in Dampier, Australia attending a literature festival, Louis came across a statue to Red Dog.

Several months later, he returned to Western Australia and spent several months driving around collecting stories of Red Dog and visiting places that he’d have known, writing up the text as he went along.

Alan instantly loved the manuscript and was fortunate enough to be given a free hand in the imagery, the only stipulation being that it should be two colours.

Red and black were the obvious choices.

For Alan it was a chance to experiment with a slightly different style with outstanding results

The book was another huge success and a film quickly followed.

Fifteen years later Alan is happily working on the follow-up. A prequel called ‘Blue Dog.’ This time it’s fiction.

Again, he has have been given complete freedom with only one stipulation. It should be two colours.

We'll will let you guess what colours he has have decided on...

The film and book are to be launched together this year.

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