The Story Cure

Rohan Eason illustrates a book full of literary recommendations for younger readers.

The Story Cure is an 'A-Z of books to keep children happy, healthy and wise',  - a survival pack for families, Rohan adds "'s actually for every child's possible problem, like being bullied, sleep issues or difficulty making friends, it's an A to Z of what a child can struggle with, and thus what books are recommended for them to read and help deal with that problem.  It's like a parent/child survival manual, with all the best pieces of literature as the guides." Rohan has created many black and white illustrations for the book, setting the scenes for some of the stories mentioned, and doing what he does so well in bringing the fiction alive for the reader. The Story Cure is out on 27th October and is being publicised this week, with serialisations in inews, extracts in The Telegraph Weekend supplement, interviews with the authors Ella Berthoud and Susan Elderkin, as well as a radio and social media drive. And it's perfect timing with half term week in the UK when many children (and parents) will be struggling to make use of the time. 



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