The White Cross

Liam O'Farrell is commissioned to paint The White Cross Pub in Richmond upon Thames.

Liam spent a day in Richmond gathering photos and reference drawings of the old building, for a commission from a lady who wanted it as a memento of her late husband. He made the brave decision to hire a rowing boat in order to capture the best view of the pub and says "Painting from a boat is really tricky, every time you adjust your position it moves from side to side. That is not the worst of it. When another boat passed the whole thing tips wildly from side to side forcing me to hold on whilst swearing loudly. I had the added problem with the tide. The boat kept swinging down river so the pub would slide out of view. What was in front was now over my right shoulder. I struggled through with the initial watercolour and got what I needed though boats are not for me." Liam was able to take his work back to the studio and create the painting there - on a more stable surface! Read more on Liam's adventure here.


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liam o'farrell
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