Rooster Stamps

Chrissy Lau works with Guernsey Post to design stamps for the Year of the Rooster.

Heavy with symbolism, Chrissy's Rooster designs include a First Day Cover rooster with a lotus pattern in the body, a rooster crowing as the sun rises, a standing rooster, one sitting with an egg, two roosters standing and a family. Each incorporate a pattern or object signifying the positivity of Chinese New Year, whether it be wealth and fortune, good luck, scholarly honour, courage, rank and wealth and good fortune in fertility.  Chrissy says "This is the fourth year I've designed for Guernsey Post (previous years were Horse, Goat and Monkey), and they're ready to start Year of the Dog soon. This year is the first year that we decided to add gold into the artwork and they look exquisite!" See the designs.

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