Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Graduate Advice

Ben Tallon meets with Artsthread's Katie Dominy to talk about their graduate platform.

Written by Ben Tallon

It's that time of the year where graduates realise that they need to make sense of the creative industry! I'm joined by Artsthread's Katie Dominy to discuss what helps someone looking to make an impact and achieve their goals. Artsthread are a graduate platform who provide online and offline support for many artistic disciplines, through events, talks, portfolio surgeries, exhibitions and making those connections with industry. 

We talk about common pitfalls, being seen, attractive traits and using your unique personality effectively once in the world of work.

Katie also shares some standout examples of people who have impressed and others who have stumbled.

This is a must listen show to pick up some crucial pointers if you're starting out, or looking to further refine your own path in the arts.

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