150 Years of P&O Ferries

Publicis Media London ask Lucia Emanuela Curzi to get onboard for a P&O Ferries influencers campaign.

The project was to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the ferry fleet who operate from the UK to various destinations in Europe. Lucia was tasked with recreating a fashion design inspired by the twenties and to be part of a video campaign documenting her work and inspirations, "Such an honour to work with this agency!" she explains, "I travel back in my favourite fashionable time, the roaring Twenties! I recreate a fashion design of the era when cruising was a luxury for few glamorous ladies! These years inspired the most established fashion trends in  history!" Lucia looked back at the old fashion illustrations of the era including geometric architecture and motifs, travel posters and Man Ray’s pictures, she continues, "In the 20s, cruising on the extravagant ocean liners was a fashionable pastime for the very wealthy and in Paris fashion designers started specialising in holiday wear, Parisian couture dominated, led by Chanel, Schiaparelli and Vionnet.  Women understand luxury and water simplicity, practical knee-length, pleated, drop waisted dresses set a new standard of elegance, liberating the figures  from their stereotypical fashion silhouettes. Art Deco inspired dazzling Cubist and geometric motifs, the backdrop to the garments were as important as the clothes themselves and depicted a theatrical world of opulence, luxury and the glamour." Watch the video.

fashion illustration
fashion illustrator
lucia emanuela curzi
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