Book Cover Design By Bob Venables

The Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England

Out now in hardback, is this beautifully illustrated book by pastiche artist Bob Venables and written by Ian Mortimer

Commissioned by The Folio Society this book explores in a frank, learned and funny manner what it was like to live in the middle-ages, Bob's woodcut images compliment the text throughout.

The Folio Society tell us a bit more about the commission:

Having previously illustrated The Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England, talented artist Robert Venables applies his inimitable style to this edition, creating a series of character-led illustrations in the style of Elizabethan woodcuts. The gold-blocked binding design – also by Venables – shows a scene of Elizabethan musicians and dancers, while the cloth-bound cover features gold-foil blockwork, the gold replicated in motifs on the endpapers. Our designers selected Blackmoor for the display typeface; a font based on the style of old English signage

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