Flamingo Colada Cocktail Launch

Jacqueline Bissett Live Event Drawing captures guests at All Shook Up's evening event

Drinks brand All Shook Up have really set the bar for launching a new cocktail by inviting fashion and live event illustrator Jacqueline Bissett to draw portraits of their customers at the launch of their new pre mixed cocktail Flamingo Colada, the event took place at the lavish London venue the The Cuckoo Club.

Jacqueline tells us a bit more about the night:

"I was required to draw A5 full length fashion portraits which was quite a challenge as my preferred size is A3, though I'm often asked to draw A4 but those are usually head and shoulders only. It was very low lighting in the club, everything was bathed in a glorious vibrant pink. So details were hard to define, it took a while to get into the swing of a slightly different style but it was an enjoyable experience , seated next to the DJ and painting in a very lively environment! Luckily I was working in pink and black ink only so colour matching was not required."



live drawing
jacqueline bissett live event drawing
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