Autumn Leaves poem for kids by Alyssa De Asis

Autumnal Poem

We say goodbye to summer as autumn arrives in a flurry of colour, Alyssa De Asis welcomes the changing of seasons with this lovely illustration.

Alyssa was commissioned to create this autumn themed illustration for an action rhyme entitled Leaves, written by Sheri Delgado-Preston, for the October 2018 issue of LADYBUG Magazine, a U.S. based magazine that offers a collection of stories, poems, songs, action games, and adventures for young children.

The brief asked for Alyssa to depict a five-year old African American boy acting out motions of the rhyme for kids to follow. It’s a joyful celebration of autumn inviting children to jump right into a big pile of colorful leaves!

alyssa de asis
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