Painted artwork for Christchurch Airport Staff

Christchurch Airport Gets a Cheerful Facelift

Greg Straight's latest installation for Christchurch Airport has just been unveiled!

32 hand painted security bollards - outside the Domestic Terminal are 14 rugby players and a refereee, including 7 All Blacks. Outside of International Arrivals are the 'People of the Airport' including characters representing tourists, airport staff, airline crew and the all important safety services.

This installation, a 14 month process, would not have been possible without the fabulous design work of Greg Straight and the specialist knowledge and amazing sign-writing skills of Paul Walters. These two legends worked alongside the Oi YOU! crew to hand-paint all 32 characters - each one taking over 11 man hours to complete.

To see more of Greg's fantastic, graphic illustrations visit his website HERE


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