Children Book illustration By Tom Bonson

Picture Books

Tom Bonson has worked on many magical picture books for children, here is a glimpse of some of his favourites

Tom's work is immediately recognisable with his wonderful characters and energetic compositions, he has created the imagery in many books for children to enjoy including The Marvelous Monster Talent Show, Dancing in the Mud, Mouses Hat and one of his favourites Mud Trolls. 

Tom tells us a bit about the work and the joy of receiving the printed book, 

"They were really fun to work on. Especially the 'Mud Trolls' as I'm a big fan drawing Trolls (like my own picture book, Trevor the Troll) It's great seeing them all in one big pile. Really nice having a physical copy of the work as I work digitally a lot. It's fascinating to see how different the work looks in print compared to on screen."

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