Drawing of 10 year GQ Magzine India anniversary

GQ India celebrate 10 years

Rohan Eason's illustrations are featured within the 10 year anniversary issue of GQ India

The latest anniversary issue of GQ India features a series of powerful illustrations by Rohan Eason, the images accompany a number of articles within the editorial which look back at ten years of the LGBTQ movement in India

Rohan tells us a bit more about his inspiration behind the illustrations,

"Half way through working on it, the Section 377 was finally repealed in India, decriminalising Gay Sex, so the cover story changed a little, but gained such importance, and my image had to reflect that. I read through all of the responses to the news and found a twitter, from a young gay man in Mumbai, he said, the repeal of the bill felt like he could finally take off his mask, I instantly saw this as a great metaphor to illustrate the article.

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