Live Event  Darwing Hosted by Swarvoski

....and the lady wears Swarvoski

Katharine Asher is invited to draw guests at an exclusive event hosted by Swarovski.

Swarvoski - the upscale brand known for its crystal fashion jewellery and watches, opened its doors to a rather exclusive guest list at their launch event in October - inviting them to an 'immersive' experience in its newly refurbished store in Oxford Street, with its ‘test bed’ of new ideas, innovations and features, created to heighten customer experience and bring its crystal offerings to life. 

It was here that Kathy, poised in the middle of the sparkle and glamour, was asked to create a further level of experience by painting personalised portraits of their glamorous guests – wearing Swarvoski. 

Kathy tells us, 

''I had a most challengingly enjoyable time. I got the opportunity to paint the most beautiful women in many varieties of ethnicity one after the other, and all in such a sparkly and celebratory atmosphere - what's not to like?'. 

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katharine asher live event drawing
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