Laura's artwork for luxury scented candles

Francis Wren Candles.

Laura Greenan's fluid line decorates the packaging for Francis Wren's candles.

Laura's artwork for luxury scented candles Francis Wren adorns the packaging in a simple yet stylish manner. Laura tells is a bit more about the project,

"The client wanted just 3 colours, black, gold and white, a male and female figure plus the candle itself featuring prominently. They wanted the artwork to be elegant and appealing to a wide range of people.

I created a few different ideas and the final design was chosen due to the figures appearing mesmerised and intrigued by the scent. The colours and design lent itself to an art deco style rendering with thick outlines and a geometric pattern in the background."

To see more of Laura's bold and imaginative artwork, visit her portfolio by clicking HERE

laura greenan

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