Illustration for nestle ad campaign

The Makings of a Classic

FCB New Zealand commission Vanessa Dell to create 3 ads for a Nestle 'Makings of a Classic' campaign.

Vanessa was asked to capture the essence of obscure characters from NZ pop culture that only Kiwis would know and create three portraits that were instantly recognisable, yet fresh and fun. In addition she produced typographic illustrations in three styles that matched the portrait - the thought behind the campaign was that combining Nestle's onion soup and reduced cream makes for a classic dip which Kiwis love, just like the person and their associated object. Suzanne Paul and her Thousands of Luminous Spheres, Nek Minnit and his broken scooter and a generic NZ Policeman with a hot pie were the chosen three, each making a classic combination. Vanessa says, "Created with mixed media - oils and coloured pencil, the portraits were painted from photographic reference and the typographic elements had minimal art direction which gave me the freedom to explore, the team at FCB NZ were one of the most supportive and encouraging I have come across, it was a pleasure to work on this project." Used for all advertising, social media and digital displays, the ads are on New Zealand's streets now.

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