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The Unwasted Collection

Season of Victory collaborates with The Knot Collective on nine designs for their handwoven art rugs.

The Knot Collective, an ethical and bespoke rug company based in Manchester have released "UNWASTED, The Eco Collection". The limited edition rugs are soft, hand-woven and collectible which 'transform your floor into its very own gallery space with a piece of ultra-low limited edition floor art.'  Season of Victory explains, "As a creative, if you've worked for brands on the high street or fast-fashion, you are aware the products you're involved with aren't always ethical - just to meet price points. This won't go away completely, but it's great to work with a company who are trying to make steps to change that. These soft, ethical rugs are hand tufted by artisan weavers in India and made of 100% recycled material diverted from landfills. The rugs bear the Goodweave label ensuring that no child labour has been used on any of them. A portion of the rug sale goes back into Goodweave to rescue children from slavery within the rug industry."  Visit The Knot Collective to view all of Season of Victory's pieces, along with rugs/wall art rugs by other amazing artists and collaborators from around the world.

The Knot Collective's products have been featured in The Guardian, Real Homes, Period Living, and Absolutely Home.

season of victory
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