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Lorica work with Donough O'Malley to create a fabulous promotional animation for the V&A.

The film was commissioned to get people excited about what the Victoria & Albert Museum has to offer and to view it in a new way with fresh eyes. Targeting those who already visit and also reach out to those who haven't been for years, Lorica invited Donough O'Malley to come onboard and provide a playful quality with the art. Emma from Lorica says, "By making an animation about some lesser known quirky and humorous facts, it was to highlight the history of objects, staff and visitors alike at this renowned museum.  We wanted to make the animation really visually impactful - as it's for social, so again, wanted the illustration to be not quite what you'd expect,  Donough was a perfect choice - beautiful but also having an interesting twist. It was animated using Adobe Animate and After Effects with quite a large amount of hand drawn frame by frame animation included to give the characters their personality."

WATCH the animation.


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