Major Decisions

The University of Utah's Magazine, 'Continuum', commission Gail Armstrong for a set of paper sculptures to illustrate their guide in helping students to choose their Major.

Gail provided the cover image, an opening spread and two spot illustrations for the Spring issue which sit beside the text full of helpful experiences, trends, and advice from career and academic advisors, recruiters, current students, and alumni. She explains, "For the cover image I took a dramatic perspective of a student, standing deliberating beneath a signpost. She is then repeated on the double page spread, standing at the entrance to a maze created using the red U of the Utah University logo. Students navigate the maze aided by a map and a compass and from the exit leaps a jubilant graduating student. I then used the map and compass for one of the spot illustrations and the mortar board and graduation scroll for the other."


paper sculpture
gail armstrong
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