jacqueline bissett and katharine asher at live event

The Cliveden House Wedding

Jacqueline Bissett and Katharine Asher indulge the guests at a grand wedding celebration at Berkshire's Cliveden House.

The event was a highlight of the Summer for both live artists who worked non-stop from sunshine into darkness, all against an extraordinary backdrop of extravagances. The impressive setting of Cliveden is steeped in history, made famous by the notorious Christine Keeler/Profumo affair in the Sixties and this celebration had its fair share of famous guests, including royalty. Katharine explains, "The guests were a joy; receptive and appreciative and we found ourselves drawing a wide selection of ages and characters from grandmothers, young girls and gents to 'mother of the groom'." Working in a mixture of hand drawn and digital, the artists chatted to the sitters and took photos to work from, meaning that the guests were not required to pose for too long and the finished portraits were fresh and animated. Katharine adds, "The fact that Jacqueline and I work in a similar method is really helpful in this kind of working situation, allowing us to alter our approach to suit the client/‘live’ situation' quite seamlessly, our styles being similar enough to offer a unity of product but different enough for the difference to be interesting."

above - by Katharine Asher


above - by Jacqueline Bissett


above - by Katharine Asher


above - final pieces by Jacqueline Bissett


above - digital illustration by Katharine Asher


above - Jacqueline Bissett's working table


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