Tapocketa unlock a tale like no other

The Locksmith

Tapocketa unlock a tale like no other

Award winning storytellers and animators Eleanor and Trevor Long created this atmospheric trailer for a proposed interactive book, the animation studio tell is a bit more about The Locksmith

"In September we were invited to speak at the Digital Book World conference in Nashville to a gathering of almost a thousand people. The previous year we had won four awards at the event for our animated interactive children's book 'Galdo's Gift: The Boovie', including best book overall and we were ask to speak about how we went about creating the Boovie and some of the tools we used along the way. We also wanted to demonstrate that our creative range could reach an older audience too and so we created a trailer for a prospective future project called The Locksmith, a book of puzzles like no other. Initially conceived as a short teaser for a cryptic interactive storybook, it ended up, as is our way, being a lot more involved. Creating a trailer is a great way to test out prospective ideas without getting swallowed into the time and costs of creating a full demo."

See the trailer HERE and click HERE to see Tapocketa talk about the creative process.




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