Liam O'Farrell illustrate the spirit of a Wiltshire high street

The Highest High Street

Liam O'Farrell captures the spirit of a Wiltshire high street for a private client.

Working with a passion for everything he paints, whether it be a church in a serene landscape or a bustling market town, Liam was asked to paint Highworth, the highest town in the county of Wiltshire, England for a client with a link to the area. Researching Highworth, Liam first delved into its history hoping to find news of interesting characters or events from the past, he says, "I have learnt that everywhere, no matter how small or prepossessing, has something unique about’s mentioned in the Doomsday book and Sir John Betjeman said, l have never seen Highworth given due praise in guide books for what is one of the most charming and unassuming country towns in the West of England...I had one last dig about only to discover that Highworth Post office, and its ageing Postmistress Mabel Stranks (then aged 55) played a pivotal role in the WW2 British Resistance, formed to protect us should a German invasion come from across the Channel." Read more on Liam's painting story here.


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